Stella Rhodine - Insprational Speaker

microphoneStella's Bio

As a professional speaker, spokesmodel, singer, and emcee:

Stella Rhodine…..

  • provides joy, fun and inspiration to groups who are affected by the ”Twisters” of life.  (“Twisters” are also known as stress).
  • is featured on many radio and television programs including the cable channel show, “Froggy and the Gremlins Big-Time Revue”. 

  • graduated Magna Cum Loudmouth from Our Lady of Perpetual Motion College.
  • is like biscuits and gravy on a cold morning.  She warms you up and makes you feel good all over!

Stella’s professional designations include:

  • keynote speaker for Supperware and Sally Mae Conventions as well as a regularly featured luncheon speaker at local Moose Lodge meetings.

  • writing her first book, “Out of the Frying Pan and into the Laughter, Tips to Tame the “Twisters” of Life”.

  • being a former waitress at “Al’s Chickenette” in Ness City, Kansas and a spokesmodel for the well-known Northern California restaurant, “Pancake Circus”.

  • starring in such films as:
    • Bingorama (directed by her husband, Otis)
    • The Cookie Angel  and The Cookie Angel 2
    • Angel’s Revenge, and
    • The Deviled Egg Caper
  • toured the Midwest with her band, “Stella Rhodine and the Sunflower Stampede” and opened for Slim Whitman.

  • was the winner of the “Miss Sunflower Seed” beauty pageant in 1956.

In her personal life, Stella is:

  • married to Otis, her husband.

  • committed to her faith and her family (she has lots of cousins who are always dropping by).

  • a proud native of Lovelady, Texas.  She currently resides in an undisclosed location in Northern California.